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We all want to be something more than what we are. A secret desire to achieve something great. Put something out into the world that makes other people happy or brings them comfort. Something of value.

Alex is no different. He is a mild-mannered factory rat. He goes to work every day and toils away at menial tasks while surrounded by crass individuals who claim everyone else is lazier than they are. He provides for his family because sometimes it feels like the only thing he was put on this Earth to do.

But he likes to think there is more. He is more. He likes to dream that someday he will be a respectable writer. He will put out the next great American novel. He will make a living doing something creative, instead of something laborious. His children will be proud of and respect his great skill and determination.

We all want to be something more than what we currently are. These are Alex's attempts:

Sample Articles

The Walking Dead recreates my parental paranoia in video game form

I don't often openly admit this, but as a parent, my brain is a constant pool of fear, paranoia, and overly-exaggerated desires to defend my child from any and every imagined danger. Alright, maybe not constant, and these thoughts aren't so prevalent that I forbid any sort of fun in the name of safety, but they are definitely there. I once worked myself into a mental panic while riding a late-night ferry back from an island just thinking about what I would do if we hit a big wave and my kid flew off into the water.

While all of this internal instability might one day prove useful if one of the outlandish scenarios I've thought up actually pans out, it has never once entered into the way I approach video games…until now.

Laura Jane Grace Isn't Going to Ruin Against Me, She's Going to Reinvigorate Them

Honestly, I'm kind of excited to be taking this journey along with Laura as a fan. I want to read her honest and personal lyrics about the whole thing. I want to hear all the changes in her voice and singing style. I imagine that their upcoming album,Transgender Dysphoria Blues, will mostly be about the inner struggles that she's been going through before and during her coming-out process.

Later albums might touch on social interactions, or surgery fears, and eventually, perhaps, true happiness with one's self (if she hasn't already found that). Hearing this all play out through her music is more refreshing and exciting to me than if the band had stagnated throughout the years, playing and writing about the same types of things.

Journey put my four-year-old daughter and me on the same level

But as we played Journey, thatgamecompany's (flOw, Flower) newest release, the questioning slowly died. For awhile she asked them, but I honestly had no information for her. We were on the same page for once, and when she realized that I knew just as little as she did, she stopped asking.

Inquiries about who I was and where I was going slowly tapered off into simultaneous discovery and wonderment. The girl who never stopped turning to me for answers, just took to announcing what we were both thinking instead.

Morning Glory's Recent Tour Felt Like a Symbolic Farewell to Ezra Kire's Past, Invitation to his Future

Now, after nearly a decade of fighting his addictions, Ezra is ready to give his full attention to Morning Glory. The long-anticipated album is due out in just over a week via Fat Wreck Chords, and his newly-reformed band just finished an East Coast tour of the US.

I've longed to see them live for what seems like a lifetime, so, I of course caught the Detroit show a few weeks back. It meant taking a vacation day at work and driving 4 hours round trip, but I made those sacrifices. The thing is, after the show ended a mere half an hour later, I wasn't sure if it was all worth it. But the more I thought about it, the more it felt like the entire concert was a farewell to their fans who might not be so willing to go along with them on this new journey of musical experimentation and discovery. Which, if true, is like having witnessed the death of a band, and the rebirth of a brand new Morning Glory to come.

Handling Hecklers with MC Chris: An Exploration in Putting Up With, or Putting a Stop to, Bullshit

In case you haven't heard, the Internet currently hates MC Chris. People that hadn't ever heard of him previously are forming virtual lynch mobs behind the rallying cries of angered former fans, their end goal being...I don't know, I guess they want him to either learn a lesson or kill himself. Well, having just gone to see him perform live for the second time (the first being back in 2005), I'm here to report that I will not be joining their ranks.

When you read the original Reddit submission and its subsequent comments -- as well as the following story from yet another fan -- it's easy to get yourself worked up a little. He seems like a real piece of crap, right? Even though I've been a pretty big fan since I was introduced to him over seven years ago, I scanned through the pages of hate and found myself questioning that a little bit.