Random Updates

Posted on Saturday, June 13, 2009 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

I haven't updated here in a long time so here are some random tidbits. Unfortunately since our external hard drive has crapped out with all of our stuff on it we have no room to unload recent pictures, so I can't post any.

Emmy has grown extremely fond of the word "no", and says it for pretty much everything. When you try to give her a kiss and she doesn't want one she'll yell no and turn away. When you try to take something away from her she'll yell no and run away with it. She doesn't always yell it though, she's also mastered the sweet and innocent way of saying it that almost makes you want to give in.

She's also obsessed with the "Where'd it go?" game, which is hiding anything and then asking where'd it go over and over, then pulling it out and laughing hysterically. Her version of where'd it go is more like ere'd ee go however, and her favorite where'd it go item to hide is the television, meaning she'll turn it off on us and then stand there asking us where it went.

She enjoys watching us play EA Sports Active and grabs another one of the wii remotes to start lifting up and down along with us. I've been working on cleaning out a room for her to eventually move into and have a place to keep half of her toys as they are taking over the living room. That's about it for now. Maybe I'll have a montage of pictures at some point soon as eventually I'm just going to buy a new hard drive.

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