The Terrible Twos Strike

Posted on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

When they talk about terrible twos, they aren't exaggerating. Emmy was always a pretty good kid, but recently it's gotten ridiculous.

If she leaves the room for more than a few seconds, she has found something to make a mess with. She could have found a Sharpie somewhere -- even though I thought I put them all out of reach -- and started drawing all over the table with it. Or maybe someone forgot to close the lock on the fridge and she is rubbing cream cheese all over her legs. Even when she does things that she is supposed to, like sit down and go on her potty, before you realize she is done she has taken the bowl out and dumped her poop all over the floor.

Time-out isn't working, she is perfectly fine with getting put there. The second she gets put in the seat she completely understands that what she did was wrong. She's sorry. She won't do it again. That was naughty.

Sometimes I feel like destroying one of her toys right in front of her whenever she does something that she knows she shouldn't have done. But then, it is the best feeling in the world when she runs to greet me as I walk in the door after work.

When she had finally fallen asleep the other day, I gave Zoe a hug and kiss. "We'll get through this, and we'll find it hilarious. And then we'll do it several more times."

Because despite all the tough days, there are plenty more good memories. Like that picture up there from when I took her out to give the horses water with me last night. Apparently baby cows look like sheep, so she kept saying "Baaa" over and over. The last week or two has been the hardest thing I've had to experience as a parent, but I would never have it any other way. And when it is finally over, the day that she broke a whole carton of eggs, rubbed cream cheese on her legs, drew on the table with Sharpie, and ate some paint (non-toxic) will be the source of laughter.

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MTWhitney Says....

I don't have any kids, but am pretty close with my niece (who is turning three this October). She has become an emotional wreck over the past few months; throwing temper tantrums and yelling are her new favorite hobby.

But you're right, it's wonderful when they see you and run for you like you're the only thing that matters. Aww, warm and fuzzies.

Lance Darnell Says....

"And then we'll do it several more times.."!!!!


My little girl was okay in her twos, butt her fours are nuts!!! What I like is how you tapped into the big problem with being the father to a girl - how do you be "tough" to someone who sees you as a hero?

I enjoyed this, thanks.

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