Home Sweet Home

Posted on Sunday, March 01, 2009 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

I don't know a whole lot of this home purchasing stuff. Lots of terms and such that I don't fully understand, but as it stands we're working very hard to secure this house for our own. It went up for auction at the beginning of the week and we were the high bidders with the low low price of 20k. The house is definitely worth that, the problem is that everything we had set up before the auction for getting preapproved for that much money was based on getting an FHA loan. The auctioneer was kind enough to hand Zoe a sheet of paper stating FHA loans aren't accepted after she had already signed on the dotted line. We should be able to get a loan from someplace else and I have confidence it will all work out but needless to say its been a stressful situation. Why aren't homes selling in this terrible economy? Maybe it's because it's so needlessly complicated for first time buyers, people with lower incomes, and those that are self employed. Fix this shit Obama!

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