A Profile in Pictures

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

I made this profile of sorts for a video game site I frequent. Thought I might as well post it here. I like to call it a profile in pictures.

He REALLY likes video games.

And music.

His birthday is September 8th, and he is 23 years old.

He lives in Michigan.

The first thing he remembers wanting to be was an astronaut.

Then an inventor.

Then a writer.

When he was in middle school he would write pages and pages of stories based on ridiculous anthropomorphic animals that he created, fighting other anthropomorphic animals that he also created.

They did not get raped by tentacles.

His entire life is spent making this woman happy...

...as well as this one.

She will be molded into a nerd.

He delivers newspapers, which means he uses and abuses his car everyday.

And listens to a LOT of podcasts and music while he does it.

He always leaves every single one of his systems plugged in just in case he wants to play an old game at the spur of the moment. He's been on a Starfox 64 kick lately.

He would prefer to display his video games, but hasn't won that argument yet.

He hasn't yet lost the argument for his dvds though.

The big one in the upper right corner is his most prized possession (Shaq is a god).

His most recent life goals include:

being an electrician (He has very little experience),

owning an arcade (He's not sure why he thinks that this would be successful),

and writing for a site that pays him. Be it his own, or anothers.

That's probably all you care to know. He's glad to have shared.

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