The Parent's Great Sacrifice

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

Sometimes kids like really annoying things. As a parent, you are forced to put up with it. I've written before about how I kind of enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine, so Emmy's obsession with it wasn't too big of a deal. Now, however, she has discovered Dora the Explorer.

I kind of want to gouge my eyes out and stabs pencils into my ears when that show comes on, but I suffer quietly through it. Since we watch it at night I usually just put the show on and roll over to go to sleep. I have never made it through an entire episode of that show.

In a recent episode of the Film Junk Podcast -- one of my favorites -- one of the hosts talked about how he used to watch the Police Academy movies all day long as a kid. He has since revisited them and realized how awful they are and what amazing parents he had to put up with it. That is unfortunately what I am likely to endure from now on. I never used to watch stuff repeatedly, but Emmy is already doing that. The things we put up with.

This post was rushed because I want to go play DC Universe Online. Sorry about that.

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