Weekend Freewriting: Reddit Time Killing

Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2011 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

Pete Davison commands, I obey. Let's try out this "freewriting" he speaks of.



So I've been staring at a blank page for quite awhile and not really sure what to write about. I have several ideas written down, but I don't think I can do them justice on the weekend when I'm tired. Plus I'm out of the writing mood right now.

I've been killing a lot of time on Reddit lately. The funny section provides endless lawls. It's actually kind of amazing how many really smart people there are over there. I mean, for the Internet. A lot of times the actual link will be mildly amusing, and the stream of comments that follows will just escalate the hilarious. Every subsequent comment is even funnier, and just when the well of funny has run out the thread of replies ends. I find myself continually shocked that some moron doesn't shove his stupid joke in there at the exact wrong spot and kill all the funny that everyone else had built up.

And when I say smart, I mean on top of all the stupid humor that I find hysterical. They get in long debates over grammar, while at the same time mocking each other in the stupidest of ways. Someone posted a Facebook status update of a guy who spoke in an extremely pompous manner, and the first comment was pointing out a grammar mistake he'd made. From there, someone else pointed out a grammar mistake that they had made, and someone else pointed out one that that person had made, for about 6 people deep. It was pretty amusing, and no one ruined it.

I'm just a little intimidated to actually start commenting more myself. I mean, I can handle somebody pointing out a mistake I've made, but I feel like there is such a tightly wound community of people there, and they have so many in-jokes, that whatever I say will be turning on a bright beacon light to let them know what a n00b I am. Oh well, I don't really need to comment to enjoy all the hilarious stuff I find there.

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