Things Emmy Says, Part 3

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2011 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

I like catalogging the weird, crazy, and funny things that Emmy says. I can't even remember things that she said the next day, so having a place to write them all down is nice. Hopefully they aren't groan inducing to everyone else, but I never said my One A Day blogs were for anyone else. There are a bunch at the bottom that my wife had been collecting for awhile.

She was watching the Saturday morning cartoons and playing with Play-Doh when I went downstairs to check on the laundry. When I came back up an infomercial was on, so I started to put in a kid's DVD. As I was opening the case the woman on the infomercial said, "Oh! Look at that grilled sandwich!" and Emmy responded, "Oh! That's a grilled sandwich!" Apparently infomercials work well on three year-olds.

Emmy and I were in bed watching Conan. Comedian Nick Thune came on and said, "C-Sections are like Digiorno. They aren't delivery." Emmy followed along with the audience and me and started laughing hysterically, then said, "He's weird!"

I think it's even more appropriate that she found that funny as she was delivered via C-Section.

About 2 ¼ She was up at 3:00 am after a late nap trying to convince me that she needed to go downstairs. When I asked her why she said “I need to make a phone call, I need to call Aunt Pcam”

July 18, 2010- Emmy while holding the remote “Do you want the TV off everyone?” Me: “No” Emmy: “Yes?” Me: “No” Emmy: “You don’t?” Me: “No, we don’t” Emmy: “Whatever People”

Around 2 ½ “We are all people, we are all different people”

Around 2 ½ She calls Chicken Tenders, Chicken Nummers.

Around 2 ½ She started calling the dining room the “diamond room” and the living room the “lemon room”

09-03-2010- Alex- "Daddy's birthday is next week. Do you know how old I'll be?" Emmy: "13?" Alex- "No. 25." Emmy: "I don't know what 25 is.”

August 2010- She was doing something she wasn’t supposed to be so I said “Emmy, pause” she just looked at me and said “I don’t have paws”

October 2010- Nemi asked Emmy if Nemi was funny. Emmy: No Nemi must have looked sad because then Emmy said she was Awesome!

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