Things Emmy Says, Part 2

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011 by Alex R. Cronk-Young

It was my mother's birthday today and we just got home, so here's some more silly things Emmy has said that I've been saving up for a little while. I need to get to bed so I can wake up and do papers.

*When entering our room for bed*

Emmy: "It's dark in here! I want the light off."
Me: "Alright."
Emmy: "Now let's watch Thomas."
Me: "Oh, I thought we were going to keep it dark. How about I tell you a story?"
Emmy: "Uh, no."
Me: "I can tell you a Thomas story."
Emmy: "OK!"

*I began repeating the entirety of a Thomas episode that I've seen far too many times. After finishing:*

Emmy: "Let's watch Thomas now!"
Me: "My story wasn't good enough?"
Emmy: "No.""
Me: "Oh, that's mean."
Emmy: "Um, your story was really good, but the show is really good too."

*After we climbed into bed and turned on an episode of Thomas I took off my glasses and snuggled up to her. She pushed me away.*

Me: "Hey, I wanted to snuggle."
Emmy: "Not now."

*She climbed further over to Zoe's side of the bed.*

Me: "Well that hurts my feelings."
Emmy: *She sighs and climbs back* "One minute." *She holds up a finger*
Me: "For what?"
Emmy: "For nuggling."
Me: "Oh, alright."

I walked out into the kitchen and found Emmy up on a chair reaching for a box of cookies. I grabbed the box and opened it to show her there was nothing inside.

Me: "They're all gone."
Emmy: "Oooh, then what can I put in my mouth?"

One night I was playing with Emmy before bed, rolling around and such. Apparently I somehow touched her neck at some point and this is what followed:

Emmy: "That hurts my throat."
Me: "Oh, sorry."
Emmy: "My throat is in my mouth."
Me: "Yeah, at the back of your mouth."

*She then started to jump on the bed as I was getting ready to get into bed.*

Me: "Em, can you lay down now? It's bed time and I don't feel very well."
Emmy: "OK. I'll make you feel better by giving you another throat."
Me: "What? You're going to give me a new throat?"
Emmy: "On top of your old throat. It will make you feel better!"

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